10 Tips to Secure Your Mobile Payment App



We all know how important it is to insure that our personal information is safe and secure from hackers, what’s more important that your financial information? Nothing! Nobody wants to wake up one morning and discover that there are funds missing from their account, or multiple purchases made online that wasn’t them!

There’s no doubt about it mobile payment apps have been simplifying the way we transact with business, it’s much easier to for us to send money to friends and family. It’s quick, convenient and hassle free! They are a godsend and most of us have them installed on our device.

Mobile payment apps are definitely more safer that swiping at a terminal however there are extra steps you can take to insure that your information is safe.



Are you aware that it is more difficult for hackers to get access to your credit cards? The reason for this is because your actual financial information isn’t transferred during your transactions. What happens is there is an encrypted version of your credit card which is used to authorise payments.

Although there are these advanced security measures it is still crucial to keep some things in mind to insure that your financial information isn’t compromised.

You leave your phone at the train station, a thief now has access to your mobile payment app, what can you do? Believe it or not it’s actually better for them to gain access to your credit card information than getting hold of your debit card information, this is because credit cards have much better fraud protection than debit cards do. Don’t be unprepared, if you don’t take the necessary steps then there’s a possibility that you could be held liable for any money taken from your account!


To insure your complete safety it’s important to use the latest software version provided with your device. Believe it or not there is such a thing as fraudulent mobile payment apps! The main and only reason that these apps are created is for hackers to have access to your credit card details.

It’s also crucial that you are aware of what software you have on your device. Download with care, because even if your financial information is contained within a trust worthy financial application, it does not prevent other apps on your device from accessing your information. Once this malware that is designed to capture your payment information has access to it, it then can be delivered to criminals! Always insure that your phone is safe, so that even if you happen to loose it you don’t have to be concerned about all of your personal information being accessed. Another top tip never ever allow web pages to save your passwords, this is a disaster waiting to happen if you do!


Here are some tips in order to secure your mobile payment app

  1. Use built in security features. Both androids and iPhones have options for you to be able to locate your stollen or lost phone. Windows also has an option available to!

  2. Use strong passwords. The last thing you want is a thief having access to your mobile device, if your phone is unlocked then a thief has easy access to all of your personal information including your financial information!

  3. Facial recognition/fingerprint unlock feature. These features are of course more secure than a regular standard password and using one insured that only you can access your device.

  4. Do not send any sensitive information while using a public WiFi connection. Absolutely everything you do using a public WiFi is accessible to everyone and anyone! It’s scary how many people out there have the knowledge and tools to hack into your device.

  5. Use your phone carriers cellular network or your home connection when using your banking apps, you have a completely protected internet connection.

  6. Turn off Bluetooth. In order to protect your device it’s best to turn it off, by doing this you will limit unwanted access to the data on your device.

  7. Use two factor authentication. You will be required to enter not only a password but a second piece of information. This is normally a code that will be sent to your mobile number, the one which is registered to your mobile payment app.

  8. Keep your device with you or in a safe place at all times. Don’t be careless and loose your phone or allow others to access it! This will prevent anyone from stealing your information.

  9. Check reviews online regarding the payment app. See if people have had positive or negative experiences, however do base your safety solely on these reviews as they can be faked by the app!

  10. Install a VPN! Last but certainly not least it’s important to install a VPN on your device. It provides you will complete security and piece of mind.


I’m sure your wondering what does a VPN do exactly? Well I’m here to tell you that I can not live without my VPN on my device! It gives you complete online privacy by creating a private network from any public internet connection. It completely masks your up address so that your online activity is basically untraceable. Between a VPN and a strong password your are taking the important precautions to insure your financial information is safe. Extra layers of security are a must!

Some VPN’s also encrypt the data sent between your phone and the VPN server. For example if your connected to a public WiFi connection that isn’t secure at all, it means that absolutely anyone can use it, even if they don’t have a password!
Basically anyone on the same network can see your activities. A VPN will encrypt the data and anyone who could be possibly monitoring your network connection will only see complete nonsense!

If you have already made the sensible decision and have a VPN app installed on your device then you will know that it brings the security of your home internet connection with you wherever you go!