How to Enjoy a Safe Christmas Celebration


The holiday season is here, finally!

Normally we would be spending this time of year very differently, however Covid 19 had other plans for us! A lot of us won’t be able to spend time with our friends and family this Christmas, we might be stuck at home this year but it’s still Important to stay safe and make the right choices!

If this year has taught us anything it’s how to adapt to any situation. Normally Christmas celebrations consist of playing board games, eating until we can’t move and watching our much loved festive movies with our families.


Stay Safe & Protect Yourself Online

Although it’s not the same as physically being in the same room, you can still enjoy the holiday season without having to leave your doorstep!

We are doing absolutely everything online this year, more so than previous years. Instead of face to face meetings we are now video calling more than ever, it’s important to stay safe and protect yourself online!

It’s important to remember than when using certain apps create closed private rooms just for you and your family, don’t let any outsiders connect.

Always insure that your passwords are strong and that no one can gain access to your files, most of us know the risks but yet we still don’t take action!

Who doesn’t love going to the cinema? It’s something we all took for granted before the pandemic, and now that we can’t visit the cinema we have to stream all of our favourite movies at home. I guarantee that everyone is guilty of loving Christmas movies at this time of year, stay safe while watching your much loved classics!

Best Christmas Deal to Avoid Scams

I can’t stress enough how important installing a VPN on your device is! Threats are much higher at Christmas time so it’s crucial that we stay protected and keep those hackers at bay!

A VPN keeps you completely protected from all threats, you would be foolish not to have one.

We are all happy that we don’t have to spend countless hours in the shopping centres this Christmas, busy shops and crowded streets can make shopping a very exhausting experience. What’s ur only option this year? Online shopping of course! Much less of a stressful experience but still it’s important to be aware of the risks!

You want to avoid any scams that are circulating, please insure that you only buy from reliable sites and sellers. Having a VPN will protect all of your financial details and insure that every time you make a purchase, your debit card details are safe and can’t be accessed.

The great thing is at this time of year there are various amazing VPN deals out there! It will be the best Christmas present under the tree this year, complete security and piece of mind that all of your online activities are safe and hidden from prying eyes! Purchase a vpn deal today! The best most reliable VPN’s have the most amazing discounts, save your money this Christmas! Take advantage of all the amazing VPN offers that are out there!

Enjoy Gaming at Christmas with VPN

Gaming at Christmas, new consoles, new challenges and sessions lasting hours and hours, if your gaming this Christmas please do so safely. It’s possible for some gamers to fall victim to attacks and online cheaters. Make sure you and your children are protected, a VPN will hide your ip address and encrypt your traffic and not only keep your protected but also help you bypass gaming geo blocks.

Most gaming addicts are our youngest family members, they are innocent and unaware of the dangers of cyber attacks. It’s your job to teach them about the risks of being online and educate them on the methods on how to avoid them.

It’s important to keep away from all suspicious links, ads and even emails from people who you don’t know! There’s threats everywhere, be alert and aware, don’t open anything that looks to good to be true because it more than likely is just that!

With technology gifts being high on everyone’s wish lists each year it is important to ensure that you and your children are safe when playing with new devices.

always remember the hackers see Christmas as an opportunity to profit! Cybercriminals are more sophisticated today than ever before. Online threats and data breaches are not limited to large corporations, absolutely anyone on the Internet can face online threats. For these reasons, it’s important to know what to look for to ensure both a safe online shopping experience and gaming experience for your children.

It is Unsafe to Save Financial Info in Browser

Many people save their personal and payment information on different shopping sites, I know I’m guilty of this! It’s convenient as you do not have to enter your details again later on if your making more purchases. Unfortunately, these sites severely lack the necessary security to protect your data. You will often hear about retailers falling victim to hacks and breaches. So please, don’t save your private and confidential information in your browser or on any sites!

How many of us also make the terrible mistake of using the same password over and over again. Using the same password for all your accounts is like using the same key for your apartment, car, safe, etc. If anyone gets hold of this key, they will be able to access everything unlocks. Similarly, if someone gets hold of your password, and if it has been used repeatedly, they will get access to all of your accounts.

A lot of us if not the majority of us create new accounts during the festive season and use the same password everywhere to shop quickly and effortlessly. It’s important to take your security more seriously, and the only way to do so is by using strong passwords.

To create strong passwords, use a combination of numbers and alphabets with special characters. The more complicated your password is, the lesser the chances of it being compromised.

Stay safe and protected and have a wonderful Christmas!