How to Celebrate New Year Coundown at Home



It’s almost time to bid farewell to a very stressful 2020! Thank goodness! New Years celebrations! Such a wonderful time to be around our friends and family, however this year is very different compared to previous years. 2020 will be forever known as the year of quarantine!

Despite quarantine some of us actually prefer to have a much more chilled evening at new year, imagine sitting by the fireplace, eating your favourite party food and enjoying your favourite shows/movies on Netflix! Complete bliss!

Preparations for new year are certainly very different this year, normally we are on the look out for a new sparkly outfit, preparing the perfect cocktails and cooking in the kitchen all day preparing our families favourite snacks!

Unfortunately it’s not possible for us all to be under the same roof this year which means we have to adapt and make new year as special as possible! Just because this new year is very different from previous celebrations, it’s doesn’t mean it has to be boring! You can still enjoy a fun packed evening!



New Years celebrations are about caring for your loved ones and making sure they are safe! Keep everyone protected throughout the season of online shopping and install a VPN!

A VPN is an essential tool to secure your identity on the internet, online scams are rampant during the holiday season, stay protected and avoid hackers!

The countdown to new year may not be all fireworks and confetti but you still can enjoy a magical evening in the comfort of your own home!
Install a VPN and enjoy Netflix’s New Year’s Eve countdown collection which has all of your favourite movies and characters in one place!

Whether you have a laptop that you use on the go or a pc that you keep at home, there are endless amounts of reasons why you should have a VPN for P.C.!


They are able to access geo blocked content such as Netflix, it changes your iP address to make a content provider believe that your browsing in another location, a location which allows access to certain content.

Why should you have a VPN installed on your pc? Quite frankly because not only can it provide you with a much more secure connection, it also makes your streaming experience much more enjoyable. Of course we can stream on any device however having a VPN on your pc gives you complete protection, rest assured your files are safe!


Did you know that Netflix delivers different shows/movies to different countries? It is possible that what you want to watch isn’t available in your region. Don’t think that just because you have a subscription to Netflix that you have access to everything because this isn’t the case at all.


Using a VPN with Netflix can help you access the content that isn’t available in your country. You don’t have to be necessarily traveling in order to benefit from a VPN, maybe you just want to watch and explore the worlds tv! There’s a lot to offer!

Installing a VPN is a brilliant way to get way more out of your subscription! It’s ability to change your IP address has made it such a useful tool for streamers all over the world, even if you are stuck indoors this new year (which all of us are) you can still have a cosy evening in front of Netflix!


Once you have installed your VPN onto your pc and turned it on, it’s just the case of choosing the server in the country that you want to appear! Netflix will then serve up shows you were never able to access before! Sit back and enjoy a wonderful New Year’s Eve in front of all of your family favourites!


There are many fun ways to enjoy the new year, this year has been a very crazy and unpredictable year and will definitely go down in history! The new normal is something that we have all had to adapt to, we must make the most of it and enjoy every minute with our family and have an enchanting evening with Netflix, enjoy the benefits of having a VPN to stream Netflix in a whole new way!

Your favourite bars and restaurants may be closed due to the pandemic but there are many other ways to celebrate this new year! VPN’s allow you to access restricted content and make your evening at home that much more enjoyable! Most of my favourite shows aren’t available on my Netflix subscription, what did I do to benefit even more from having a Netflix subscription? Installed a VPN! Now I can enjoy all the content that was previously unavailable to me! New Year’s Eve for me will consist of sitting in front of Netflix with family and it’s all thanks to having a VPN, otherwise I’d be restricted on what I can watch!

Make this new year that much
more special!


Don’t just settle for your basic subscription, you will still be missing out on so much wonderful content! With a VPN installed you can enjoy hundreds or movies/tv shows without the hassle of having to change your subscription package! I honestly don’t know how I survived before having a VPN! A Very dramatic statement but it’s true!

If your a movie lover or a series addict you will know what I’m talking about! There’s nothing worse than searching for your favourite show or a new movie release on Netflix, only to discover that they aren’t available in your region! The frustration takes over and you quickly scramble to find a solution. There is only one solution! The best solution, and that’s to install a VPN today! No more worries about missing out on your favourite programs and films! It’s not rocket science guys!

Install one today and start enjoying a whole new lease of life online. Start enjoying all the amazing content Netflix has to offer in the comfort of your own home!