How to Back Up Your Files and Encrypt Them Safely


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All of us are guilty of accumulating a large quantity of data in the form of emails, pictures, documents, chats and videos. We are naive to think that they are safe just because they are in our possession but what if we lose our device or there’s a technology issue and you haven’t backed up your files, you loose absolutely everything!

We all rely on technology so much and think it won’t happen to us but it can happen! Technology is unpredictable, one minute everything’s working fine and the next your wondering why you didn’t back up everything!

In order to ensure that your files are protected, you must keep multiple copies of your files, preferably in diverse locations that you are in control of. Always better to be safe than sorry and be prepared in case something happens.

Facebook and other social media addicts are you prepared for the worst? Do you realise that absolutely any online platform can close your account without even giving you a reason why or any notice? Don’t be put in a position where you loose all of your sentimental pictures and videos that might only be on your social media and not stored on your phone.

There are various different options when it comes to backing up your files and encrypting them, it depends on your needs and how many files you have to back up. I can not stress enough how important the location of the backup matters. Not only should you ensure that the hardware you decide to go with is in a separate place from the computer where the data originates but also make sure you are the one who has access to it.

If you are large amount of data that needs to be backed up and it doesn’t require you to frequently update I would recommend a much slower and cheaper hard drive, however if it’s just a small amount of important data that needs backed up then a small SSD would be convenient and beneficial.

You want to be able and ready to back up your files at the drop of a hat, be prepared and save all of your data on something that’s easily accessible to you such as an external hard drive. An external hard disk would allow you to make frequent backups of all your data quite easily.

The best option for you in order to identify the important folders compress them and encrypt them, that was you are fully protected if anything goes wrong, better to be safe than sorry!

If you want to make a back up only plug in your external hard disk when your ready to do so, whether it’s once a week or once a month you want to do this when you feel you have made significant progress with your work. How devastating and frustrating would it be to complete a work document which has taken weeks to complete and endless amounts of hours researching only to have it gone and no way of getting it back.

Backing up and encrypting your files is so important, so easily done and essential to ensuring that you are well prepared in case something goes wrong, it’s just as important to ensure that you have a free VPN installed on your computer so that you escape data throttling and hide all of your confidential information.

**Manual back up process **

Step 1

Firstly start by plugging in both external hard drive to your computer. Both the source and the destination drive will show up on the operating system.

Step 2

Choose the files you wish to back up from the source drive.

Step 3

start copying the files to the destination hard drive. It’s really that simple!

**Cloud backup **

It couldn’t be easier to back up your files than with cloud! It’s so easy and simple to do!

Step 1

Create your account, download the software and run it once to enter your account information.

Step 2

You can set up any preferences you may or may not have.

Step 3

once the initial set up process is complete you can sit back and relax, the software will automatically keep your computer backed up at anytime it is turned on your connected to the internet. An added bonus is that your files are already encrypted. None else can access them.

Having a VPN installed on your pc is just as critical if not more so than having one installed on your mobile or tablet as most of us do the majority of our work on our pc and transfer our important pictures and videos over to our computer from our device. You need to be protected. There’s no reason to put yourself at risk, installing a VPN on your pc is so simple and easy to use.

Firstly you want to subscribe to the VPN service that you require, you then want to download and install the app for windows specifically. You can connect to any server location as there will be more than enough to choose from, your ready to surf the web and use the internet safely.

How many of us have sat at our computers for hours on end completing important work only for something to go horribly wrong and we haven’t bothered to back up our files. Do you really want to start from the beginning all over again? Back up and encrypt your files! I’ve personally sat for days on end and completed work, been totally irresponsible and not backed up my files. No matter how hard you try you will never be able to piece together the work you took hours to do. Don’t be a fool and make the same mistake I did! It’s something that takes minutes to do and saves you hours!

It’s always better to be prepared for the worst, backup and encrypt your files, install a free VPN for your pc and have complete peace of mind!