Secure VPN network & 4 ways to block ISPs tracking


To begin with, we all know IPSs track information. In fact, many governments have made it legal too. An ISP can track what websites you visit, shopping habits, the software you use, etc. This is the core reason why the use of a secure VPN network is getting popular. 

 Isn't it scary? Listing down a secure VPN network and 4 other ways to keep your internet activity secure.     


Firstly, Go to this website. The digital marketing alliance runs this site. It is an aggregator for 100+ advertisers. This will give you a list of advertisers who are tracking you. Go on the list. Select all. Just opt-out. This creates a cookie in your browser that tells the advertisers not to track you. Also, do it for all browsers. As a matter of fact, the number of advertisers tracking you will just amaze you.


Second, log on to this site. This is a network advertising initiative. The idea is similar to the first one. Just different advertisers. Click on "Manage my browser's opt-out". This is pretty much the same tool. However, advertisers are different. Remember to do it on all the browsers you use.

Customer proprietary network information(C.P.N.I.)

Third, is C.P.N.I. It is information an ISP gets when they sign you up. You will get an opt-out option in the ISP settings. Also, check out the ISP's privacy policy. You can find this out on the ISP's website. Not able to figure this out? Don't worry. Type on Google "ISP Name" and "Opt-Out". You will find a lead.

Secure VPN Network

Fourth, is a secure Virtual Private Network. There are multiple ways a VPN blocks ISP tracking. VPN creates a tunnel between your device and the destination. This tunnel hides all your internet activity from your ISP. In fact, some ISPs modulate your speed based on what you are browsing. For e.g. if you are downloading, the ISP might reduce your speed slightly so that other users aren't affected.

Proxy server

Lastly, proxy hides your IP address. A Proxy server keeps you anonymous. Hence, the ISP cannot identify you. This makes it impossible for ISPs to track your data. However, unlike a secure VPN network, the Proxy server does not encrypt data.  

 To conclude, VPN security is the most effective. However, you should follow the other four steps too.

As a rule, do keep all your internet transactions secure. Also, keep updating your passwords on a regular base. If you want to remain abreast of all internet security news follow VPN proxy master on Instagram and Facebook. Also, keep visiting our blog for all news and updates.