5 Tips to improve your Android and iOS device


Are you a fan of Android or iOS? According to the US Mobile App reports in 2017, the combination of Android and iOS devices have made up over 97% of the mobile OS market. Hence, Android scores a majority of 64% in the market. In today’s mobile technology, many people are comparing Android and iOS devices in terms of their specifications and user’s experiences. Hence, we all understand that every type of device will have its strengths and weaknesses.

Generally, the smartphone has integrated part of our life regardless you are using either for personal or business use. Likewise, we except smoother and more stable functionality as well as applications on our mobile devices to allow us to carry our daily essential tasks. Some of the key factors we are looking into would be the battery life, device security and memory space. Those factors are important as it will affect the overall mobile device performance. Well, if you are a person who have always been keep tracking in technology news, you will realise smartphone aren’t cheap nowadays. Here are a few simple things you can do to improve your android and iOS mobile performance.

Update your device OS

Your device may be old but you can always update to the latest firmware in your device. You should keep a good habit to update your device to the latest OS because the security reasons. Some of the OS updates may gives you a new interface, as well as speeding up and clearing up your phone space.

Remove Unwanted Apps

Well, do you know that every app you have installed in your phone actually took up some storage space and background process? Some of you might realise that your mobile processing speed are getting slower and slower. Main reason could probably you have lots of apps installed in your phone and this can take up lots of data usage. It is a burden especially when you need more space to install more useful apps in your phone. Don’t install those apps that you hardly use. Keep only the apps that you need and if you have got an app that isn’t really useful, you can uninstall or disable it.

Disable Unnecessary Apps

Sometimes you realise that you hardly use the apps but you do not want to delete the app because you might use it one day. Well, note that every app carried an amount of data running on the device background. As a result, it takes out some of your phone memory space and in the worst case it might slow down your phone system. By disable, unnecessary apps on your mobile also mean that to stop any data running on the device background.

Enhance device security

Double up your device security by installing our VPN Proxy Master app which support both on Android and iOS operating system. VPN Proxy Master uses AES 256-bit encryption to help you to safeguard your online privacy and interestingly it can protect up to 5 devices simultaneously. The virtual private network servers are located around the regions which brings you the fastest video streaming and downloading whenever you go.

Avoid Using Live Wallpapers

Phone live wallpaper can be interesting and irritating at the same time. Some people like it because it is interactive and creative. However, on the negative side of view, it actually drains your battery life by 2 to 3 times. As mention earlier, the background process will eat up your phone memory space as well as battery life. Hence, for those who want to have long-lasting battery life, we recommend you to switch back to the normal photo wallpaper instead of using the live wallpaper on your phone device.