4 Ways a VPN guarantees you data privacy for your PC


Imagine you are chatting with your friends or family on social media. Suddenly someone starts staring on your device screen. Doesn’t it feel awkward? The article will take you through the benefits of a VPN for PC.

Your VPN for PC uses these 7 tactics to ensure your internet privacy. You will simply find this stuff amazing. So then let us start without any further delay.

1. Confidential Identity

Firstly, a VPN never reveals your IP. When you connect to a VPN you connect to a VPN server. It appears as if the VPN server’s IP is your IP. Hence your original IP is never revealed. However, you should check your VPN for IP leak. Some of the VPN applications share the IP address to the destination. In simple words, your device identity always remains a secret.

2. Location secrecy

Secondly, a VPN keeps your location secret. Your location appears to be that of the VPN server. This way you enjoy complete location anonymity. Generally, a cyber attacker finds his prey based on location. Now that your location is never revealed you are out of the radar of many cyber attacks to begin with.

3. Encryption

Thirdly, a VPN keeps your data private. Let us understand this in simple words. What happens when you connect to the internet? Your device is connected to another faraway device through a network. All the data travels from your device to another device through this network. The data travels in small data packets. It is very easy for anyone to screen through these data packets and know what the contents of these data packets are.

However, a VPN encrypts your data. In other words, the data packets that travel from your device to the other device(on the network) aren’t readable. This way intruders cannot read into the contents of your data. On the other hand, your destination device receives encrypted data and an encryption key. The destination device again converts the encrypted data into a readable format using the encryption key.

4. VPN Tunnel

Lastly, A VPN creates a virtual tunnel. All your internet transactions happen inside this tunnel. Here’s what makes this virtual tunnel interesting. This virtual tunnel does not let anyone peep into what internet transactions you are doing. This way even the ISP doesn’t come to know about your browsing activity. Amazing, isn’t it? This tunnel keeps you safe from anyone spying on you. ISP is just one example. Many cyber attacks happen on the bases of what internet activity you are doing. Now that your internet activity is a secret in the first place, you are again out of the radar.

In summary, It is wise to keep yourself anonymous when you use the internet. This way you get off the radar for many cyber attackers. Also, you should keep your data confidential. Further, how to do all this? A free VPN does the magic for your computer.

Hence, it is best not to delay. Go for free VPN for PC windows 10. Still not sure? Want to go for the easiest trial first? Try on a VPN for Chrome.

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