4 Answers to the same question "why to download VPN"?


Scratching your head with why to download VPN? Security is becoming priority number one. In fact, 43% of cyber attacks are carried out on small businesses. Besides, the story isn’t any different with large corporations. As a matter of fact, a data breach costs an average of $116 Million to public companies.

To begin with, the article lists down 4 most important answers to the same question. Why to download VPN?

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So then, let us start.

1. Data Encryption

First, a V.P.N. encrypts your data. This feature is available with both, a free VPN and paid one too. Encryption makes it almost impossible for anyone to look into what data you are transacting. All your data is coded into secret encryptions. In fact, this VPN uses high-end AES-256 encryption. Going for a VPN? Also, check if the VPN provider makes use of different protocols like IPSec and Open VPN.

2. IP Masking

Second, a VPN doesn’t reveal your IP. Another reason why to download VPN. In the first place, let us understand how this happens. When you latch on to a VPN, your internet journey is routed through a VPN server. Hence, it appears to your destination as if the server IP is your real IP. Your IP is the first thing an intruder wants to know. If your IP is secret you are safe from a large chunk of cyberattacks.

3. Virtual Tunnel

Thirdly, a VPN creates a virtual tunnel. All your internet activities happen inside this tunnel. No one can peep into what internet activity happens inside the tunnel. This feature comes in handy especially when we use a Wi-Fi. Furthermore, if the Wi-Fi you latch on is public, a VPN is all the more important. In fact, this tunnel doesn’t allow your ISP to keep a track of your internet activity. Another interesting thing is that your ISP modulates your speed on the bases of what you are using. For e.g., if you are downloading a heavy file your ISP might reduce your speed. This way ISP safeguards other users’ speed. However, with an effective VPN connection, your ISP cannot even know what you are accessing. Amazing. Isn’t it?

4. Restricted Locations

Fourth, a VPN helps you access content restricted in your country. Sounds interesting. Isn’t it? Here’s how all this happens. A VPN network helps you choose a server to latch on. So then, you can latch on to a server in any other country. This way you can access content that is restricted to your country. Did you ever see an error on YouTube” This content is not available in your country”? Or, Interested in Netflix shows available in the USA. All you need to do is latch on to a USA server. So then, go for a VPN free download for windows 10.

To Summarize, a VPN helps you maintain privacy. It secures your internet connection to a great extent. Also, with a VPN you can access content that is restricted in your country.

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