5 hacks to help you discover the best VPN for gaming


Before we dive into detailed technicalities around VPN for gaming, let us look at the overall landscape. Today, 4.1 Billion people on the planet are active internet users. 12.5 % of internet users venture into online gaming. With a whopping average revenue per user(A.R.P.U.) of USD 19.5, online gaming is sure to get the attention worldwide. Isn’t it amazing?

However, on the other hand, privacy and security have become vulnerable. VPN for gaming has become a standard amongst all smart online gamers. In fact, 26% of internet users on the planet make use of a VPN. Hear me out for a minute more!

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There are tons of VPNs for gaming available online. Thus, it becomes tough to choose a VPN. Here are 5 things that you should keep in mind when you are going for a VPN empowered gaming experience.

1. Average ping time

Firstly, with online gaming, ping is king. Agree? Ping time of 20-30 milliseconds guarantees smoother VPN secured gaming The VPN that gives you the least ping time works best for you.

2. Packet loss

Second is packet loss. This refers to the loss of small packets while a gaming user uploads in the game and downloads from the game during the match. Typically your VPN for gaming should not have more than 5% upload and 1% download packet loss for the consistent gaming experience.

3. Focus on your V.P.N requirements

Third, identify your exact needs for VPN based gaming. Playing on Wi-Fi? You need to search for the best VPN for Wi-Fi gaming. Similarly, if you are a mobile gamer, you need to search for the best VPN for mobile gaming. Once you have identified your needs, list down all the key features you need for the most amazing VPN gaming you are planning.

4. Research the V.P.N. features

Fourthly, identify the unique selling points(U.S.P.) of the VPNs you are considering. All VPNs have some or the other strengths. For the best VPN enabled gaming experience, find out the VPN that specializes in the features you need. For e.g. if you regularly latch on public Wi-Fi while gaming, security should be your first priority. In this case, your research should focus on which VPN will offer you maximum security.

5. Compatibility check

Lastly, are buying a VPN for desktop gaming? If yes, go for the best VPN for Ethernet gaming. However, what if you play on desktop and mobile both? Especially if you have a windows laptop and an iPhone? Your virtual private network should be compatible with all operating systems and devices you use.

To conclude, the virtual private network definitely enhances the overall gaming experience. In fact, a VPN for restricted location in gaming helps you play online games that are restricted in your location. However, while choosing the right VPN you need to try out multiple VPNs and see which fits the best for your needs.

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