Guide to Deleting Your Reddit Account in 2021


Reddit has millions of monthly active users, are you one of them? If you are you will be well aware of their privacy and security issues, maybe you are thinking about deleting your account, maybe you feel it’s most definitely the best thing to do considering the issues Reddit has previously faced!

It’s definitely no stranger to controversy as back in 2016 just after president Donald Trump’s election Reddit’s CEO Mr Steve Huffman discovered in a popular pro trump subreddit that many of the most popular comments were actually about Huffman himself, this was in response to the shutting down of a Hilary Clinton conspiracy subreddit!

Huffman could actually edit any part of the website and insert a code that would immediately change his username to the username of his critic, this of course flipped the insult right back on them! Of course the redditors were very quick to notice and were of course extremely unhappy about their data possibly being manipulated.

Thankfully Huffman no longer has this power, however this particular incident brought to light the overreach of the tech executives at Reddit, and maybe even beyond!

Recently a lot of Reddit’s vulnerabilities have been exposed, this includes a certain celebrity nude photo hack, rebellious content moderators and the removal of a warrant canary back in 2016, this of course suggested that they had been asked to hand over users data to a government authority! Not to mention the incident that happened in 2018, where they secretively re enabled the tracking of all of its users, they also shared this information with third parties! Quite shocking!

Reddit actually has tracking enabled by default this is for advertising and personalisation purposes, users do of course have the option of opting out of it manually. Many users aren’t made aware of this therefore so they are very unlikely to opt out of it.


unfortunately Reddit doesn’t allow it’s users to disable their account temporarily, if you delete your account it’s gone forever along with your favourite links and there’s no chance of getting it back! If not deleted individually before you deactivate your account all of your comments will still be visible, however the author of the comments will be displayed as deleted.

If you decide to change your mind later, you will not be allowed to to sign up to Reddit again with the same username as before. If you want to download your user data you will have to get in touch with company as there is currently no automated destitute to download your data.


  1. Firstly you will need to log into your Reddit account.

  2. Next you will need to click on your user icon and then select “user settings” from the drop down menu.

  3. Go to the bottom of the page and then click on “deactivate account”.

  4. You will need to re enter your log in details and if you choose, a reason as to why you are deleting your account. Its important to check that you understand that deactivated accounts can not be recovered and click deactivate.

  5. You will be then asked if you are sure as this action can not be undone, click the deactivate option.

  6. Your account has now successfully been permanently deleted!

There are of course other ways to keep your data private online. Certain social media platforms have most definitely came under fire concerning their privacy protocols and policies. In 2018 the Cambridge analytica scandal that effected Facebook and 87 million users had their data leaked! People aren’t really aware of how much of their information is actually out there for the world to see! People can learn a lot about you just from your social media accounts! There had actually been many cases where robbers have hit houses that they know are empty, this is due to people announcing that they are jetting off on holiday on their social media account!

A lot of social media users reveal their exact location when they lost through geo tags without even realising it! Obviously this could give away your address not to mention that if your date of birth is listed on your profile page these same fraudsters could have all of the information they need in order to commit identity fraud! The more information you share online the greater the risk so be careful how much you share online, you never know who is watching!

If you want to be able to keep all of your accounts and stay safe at the same time then you should definitely consider installing a VPN! Your data will be completely safe from hackers, it will provide you with complete anonymity as well as bypassing geoblocking software.

A VPN is basically a god send for anyone who enjoys spending a lot of time online as you are able to have complete piece of mind that your safe from all the cybercriminals out there! VPN’s will allow you to hide certain information such as your IP address, your exact location and even your internet provider! VPN proxy master would be my top recommendation for anyone who wants to have complete protection online! It has military grade encryption and certain privacy features that will ensure your digital security at all times! You will no longer have to be concerned about who can access your information or gain access to your personal details. There’s absolutely no reason to not have one, installing a VPN allows you to do what you want online when you want to do it! The advantages of having one are endless! Don’t be foolish and leave yourself exposed any longer, it’s simply not worth it! Many of us are so silly to think that we are untouchable when it comes to online threats! The truth is we are all at risk of hackers it’s only a matter of time! Get VPN proxy master today!