How to Change Your Pokemon Go Location in 2021


Pokemon go is most definitely one of the most popular mobile games of all time! It has been downloaded an incredible 800 million times which is just mind blowing! Even though it’s popularity was at an all time high back in 2016, it’s still incredibly popular today!

Pokemon go players who live in either big cities or the suburbs have absolutely no problem at all finding pokestops or gyms, but what about the rural areas? For people living in these rural locations it can be extremely difficult to find pokestops and Pokemon in general! If your hoping to catch a rare one you should basically just forget about that altogether as it’s not going to happen!

If you are a Pokemon fan and are someone living in a rural area there’s no need to panic as there is a particular trick that can in fact help you to experience everything that your friends in the city are able to experience with the game! If you combine GPS spoofing apps and a really strong VPN you can actually change your location on Pokemon go!

Using a VPN is enough to change your location or region on most mobile apps however Pokemon go has suddenly begun monitoring their servers for players who have a location that is completely different from their phone’s GPS coordinates! There’s a good chance that you may require a mock location masking module too as you don’t want to face being banned from the game!

It’s actually pretty simple to change your location in Pokemon go, in order to get started on your next huge Pokemon adventure just follow these simple steps!


Pokemon go can actually determine your exact location just by checking your IP address! A VPN masks your true IP address meaning the game won’t be able to determine your real location! This wonderful as it means that you can hide your online activity as well as change your location within Pokemon go! When your location is changed you can then have access to certain Pokemon and other items that you previously wouldn’t have been able to find without the VPN!

An added bonus of using a VPN is that it provides you with strong protection while you are surfing the web, it’s powerful encryption keeps all of your information safe from hackers or from any other third parties!

Changing your location in pokemon go will obviously vary depending on what device you are using! Once you have downloaded and installed a VPN it’s important to remember that you will also have to install a GPS spoofing app too!


  1. First choose a VPN that’s right for you and register for the service.

  2. Next download and install the VPN on to your mobile device.

  3. You will need to visit the google play store too in order to download the fake GPS location app also.

  4. You will now need to visit your android device’s settings

  5. Once you are successfully in settings click “about phone.”

  6. You will then need to tap “build number” seven times as doing this will turn on developer mode.

  7. Next you need to go back to settings and visit “developer options.”

  8. Now click the option that says “mock locations app” or “allow mock locations.”

  9. You will now need to install a module named “mock mock locations.” This is to stop apps like Pokemon go from discovering that you now have mock locations enabled!

  10. Next download mock mock locations from the xposed module repository that you can find online!

  11. You will need to turn on mock mock locations.

  12. Next turn on your VPN on your device and then choose a server which is in a location where you would like to start finding Pokemon!

  13. Insure that you have turned on the spoofing app and choose a location there too, ideally the exact same location so that your IP address aligns with your GPS!

  14. All done! You are all ready to start searching for your favourite Pokemon!


  1. First select a VPN and register for the service.

  2. Next download and install the VPN on to your mobile phone.

  3. So that you can change your location
    In pokemon go you will need to jailbreak the device! It’s easy to learn how to do that online.

  4. Once your iPhone is jailbroken you will need to visit cydia. Cydia is basically an App Store for all jailbroken devices!

  5. Pokemon go does actually check for jailbroken devices, you will definitely need an app that hides your phone’s jailbroken status! You can download tsprotecter!

  6. Once tsprotecter is installed you will then need to download the location spoofer app from cydia.

  7. You will need to make sure that both tsprotecter and the location spoofer app are running properly! Choose a location in the spoofer app!

  8. Next turn on your iPhone’s VPN and insure that it’s in the same area as the location that you chose in the spoofer app.

  9. Start looking for all of your favourite pokemon!

VPN proxy master is most definitely the best option for pokemon go players! It provides you with a wide variety of important features, this includes powerful encryption and unlimited bandwidth. Obviously lag and latency are huge problems for serious gamers so bandwidth is always a concern! You can rest assured you will have no issues while using VPN proxy master! It’s most definitely one of the most reliable VPN’s on the market for mobile gamers such as pokemon go!

It has military grade encryption which will insure that no third parties or hackers can view your online activity! It also means that other pokemon go players won’t be able to view your IP address or your location data! In order to get the full pokemon go experience use a VPN! It will change your whole gaming world!