How to Access The Private Bay Safely in 2021


Unfortunately the private bay is no longer easy to access, in fact it’s becoming increasingly Difficult to access by the year! Each year many different countries are passing laws against it, and these laws are being enforced more strictly now too!

If your hoping to use the private bay the only reliable and safe way to do so is to in use a trusted VPN! Installing a trusted VPN will allow you to unlock the pirate bay if it’s the case of your internet provider blocking it. VPN’S securely mask your location as well as encrypting your internet connection, yes they do all this as well as still facilitating the speedy download of torrents.


Many people think that torrenting is illegal but the truth is it still remains legal in practically every country! However downloading and sharing copyrighted material without permission is 100% illegal in most parts of the world.

P2P sites can be used for both legal and unauthorised file sharing, different countries have different policies when it comes to private bay. Some countries seem to look other way, some countries do put bans in place but don’t actually enforce them and some completely restrict torrenting altogether!

Despite all of this it seems that the current global trend is most definitely leaning towards stricter enforcement of copyright laws. People were unfazed by torrenting previously, they seemed to think that there were no serious consequences for torrenting however there are now extremely harsh penalties in many countries so being prosecuted is definitely likely these days. You could even face a heavy fine in some countries for downloading one copyrighted file!

Some of the countries where the private bay are blocked are :

  1. Belgium
  2. Australia
  3. Germany
  4. China
  5. Spain
  6. Germany
  7. France
  8. Russia
  9. The Netherlands
  10. USA
  11. The U.K.
  12. Romania
  13. Greece


In order to safely access the private bay you most definitely need to download a VPN and connect to a server in a country that doesn’t restrict P2P files sharing. It’s also important to insure that your country hosts servers operated by a trustworthy VPN that has high speed connections.

Here are some of the countries that I would recommend using :

1. Switzerland

Even though uploading files in Switzerland is illegal, downloading them via a torrent website for personal use is completely permitted and legal. You will have access to the private bay as it’s unrestricted and ISP’S are not required by law to block it.

2. Mexico

Mexico actually does have some online laws which could possibly effect torrenting. The laws there aren’t very clear however they are essentially unenforceable. If you want to access torrenting websites here you can definitely do so including gaining access to the private bay.

3. Brazil, Belarus & Hong Kong

In Brazil and Belarus you can gain access to the private bay servers without facing any issues. Even though for now Hong Kong is a good option also it’s still important to remember that TPB is already banned in China and the ever changing political climate may soon effect this too.

4. Canada

Copyright holders in Canada definitely have the right to prosecute anyone for illegally downloading their content. However in reality this would be a difficult thing to prove, and it’s not very likely to actually happen either. You could possibly receive a notification from your ISP stating that they have registered an illegal download being used from your IP address. Nothing more is likely to happen.

5. Poland

This is another country with pretty relaxed rules concerning torrenting which makes it a great choice for using the private bay. Uploading content is most definitely illegal there however downloading it for your own personal use is allowed.


Blocking of the private bay are enforced by ISP’S, this is usually done after a court order has required them to do so. If you want to be able to access the private bay you will need to connect to a server in a region where the government hasn’t banned the website.

A VPN is essential in order to use the private bay safely! It will reroute all of your traffic through any server that you choose on the network. You will have a new IP address altogether the oh will make it appear that you are in that server’s country, this is a process called VPN tunnelling!

Your real location will be completely hidden and you will have no trouble at all accessing the private bay, it’s important to know that there are still many other reasons why you should use a VPN every single time you torrent, even if you have access to the pirate bay in your country!

Peer to peer networks actually allow other users to gain access to your connection, so without a VPN your real IP address would be exposed to anyone else who is in the same network! This means you would be vulnerable to hacking, malware and DOS attacks!

All around the world ISP’S and governments are taking a much harder line when it comes to downloading and file sharing. It’s important to make sure that the VPN you choose doesn’t collect user data or store activity logs!

VPN proxy master has military grade encryption as well as a kill switch feature that stops data transmission if your connection to the VPN server suddenly drops! It also has super fast connection speeds meaning your torrenting sessions don’t have to turn into day long affairs!

If you are currently getting torrents from the p bay without using a VPN you are being incredibly foolish! There’s absolutely no need to take a risk anymore, install VPN proxy master and have complete piece of mind that your completely safe at all times while Online!