6 free apps apart from VPN for PC you should have!


Looking to revamp your PC? Here are 10 amazing applications you should consider. Is security your concern? As a rule, download a VPN for PC. In fact, use a VPN before you start downloading these applications.

So then, let us start.

• Last Pass

This is a free application. Though, there is a premium version that costs $3 per month. However, the free version does enough. The last Pass application secures your computer transactions. Generally, it becomes difficult to have different passwords for all applications. Isn’t it? Not anymore. Last Pass helps you save all your passwords. In fact, it helps you save your payment options too. Amazing – Isn’t it? The benefits aren’t over yet. Last Pass also generates strong passwords for you. Last Pass is a great password manager application that helps you keep your internet access safe and secure. A VPN for PC keeps your internet connection secure. On the other hand, Last Pass keeps your passwords secure.

• Tree size

Do you have a lot of data? Do you run out of disk space often? If your answer is yes, download Tree size now. Tree size is another amazing free application. Tree size lets you know what exactly is consuming your disk space. This application helps you make decisions on what to eliminate.

• Libre office Writer

This is a free word processor. A lot of us prefer a local application instead of online documents. However, the MS office isn’t a free option. The Libre office comes to your rescue. It is free and it is a local application.

• Malware bytes

Yet another amazingly effective application. Did you know there are malware that don’t let you boot your computer? In fact, some malware block antivirus applications too. If you are still using Windows 8 you should read this carefully. Malwarebytes cleans up all malware that might have intruded into your PC. Further, the software has an amazing free version. Malwarebytes combined with a VPN for PC make the most secure combination.

• VLC Player

VLC has completed 20 years. In spite of many options to choose from I recommend VLC. VLC is simple and effective. It runs a huge variety of files. The application is available for Windows, MAC, I –Phone, etc. Oh, just forgot to mention. It is free.

• Audacity

Aren’t podcasts picking up? Audio entertainment is getting great traction. Isn’t it? Audacity helps you take audio feed. In fact, with Audacity, you can record audios. The tool supports 16-Bit, 24-Bit, and 32-Bit audio. Audacity is free. It is compatible with a variety of applications.

To conclude, there are amazing applications that can help you enhance your computing experience. However, the moment you start using the internet on your PC we strongly recommend the use of a VPN. So please go through the below options and choose the best that fits you now.

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