4 Features of the best free VPN on the planet


Looking for the best free VPN for your device? Here are 4 features you should look for in the free VPN online. So then, have a read through before you decide on which one to go for.
Let us quickly go through some amazing trends that indicate why having a VPN is the best option.

We all know that a VPN keeps us secure. To add to this, a free VPN download helps us keep our internet activities confidential.
Hence, a lot of intelligent netizens today are looking out for the best VPN for iPhone, the Best VPN for android, or a free VPN for PC.

best free vpn for pc

As per the FBI, there is a 300% hike in cyber crimes post Covid-19 Pandemic. Every 3 seconds there is a cyber intrusion reported on the planet. 48% of public Wi-Fi networks you latch on do not follow security guidelines.

Besides, many governments have authorized internet service providers (I.S.P.s) to keep a log of your internet activities. To add to this, some governments also allow Internet service providers (I.S.P.) to sell your internet activity data to advertisers.

Hence, it is strongly recommended to have the best VPN installed on all your devices. Generally, it becomes really difficult to identify which VPN to go for. Thus, it is best to list down all your needs and match them with the features of the various applications. Particularly, check out these 5 basic features.

IP Leak

Let’s understand what happens when you install a VPN. Your VPN connects you to a server. Alternatively, you can choose from a list of servers available. Once you connect to the server all your internet activity happens via the VPN server.

To the entire internet fraternity, your IP appears to be that of the VPN server. Thus, a VPN never reveals your real IP to the outside world. Since your IP appears to be that of the VPN server, your location also appears to be that of the VPN server.

So this way normally all the VPN applications keep your IP and location private. However, some of the application reveals your real IP to the destination. This is known as an IP Leak.
You should check out if your VPN leaks your IP to your destination. If it does then this is not the best VPN application on the planet.

Kill switch

As discussed, previously, your VPN application connects you to a server. All your internet transactions happen via this server. So then, what if you lose your connection with the VPN server? Here’s where the kill switch feature comes in handy. This feature instantly cuts down your internet connection. Hence, your IP and location remain secure even if you lose your connection with the VPN server.


Here’s another feature you should have a detailed look at. Before we start let us quickly recap a little about this feature. Here’s what happens when you install a VPN. Your VPN application converts all the data from the simple readable format to unreadable encrypted (coded) format.

All the data transactions with the intended reader then travel in encrypted format throughout the internet journey. The destination (Intended User) receives a de-encryption key. The intended user again converts the encrypted contents using the key.

Hence, any intruder, cyber-criminal, etc cannot read the contents of your data even if he gets access to the contents.
However, almost any VPN application on the planet offers this feature. To add to this, almost all the free applications also offer encryption. However, when you choose which one to go for, you should look into the security parameters of the encryption offered by the application.

Activity Log

Does your VPN keep a log of your internet activity? If yes, choose something else. Let us discuss this in detail. A VPN normally creates a virtual tunnel between you and your destination. This VPN tunnel never lets anyone peep into what internet activities are being carried out from your terminal. In fact, this virtual tunnel also keeps your internet activity away from the hands of your Internet service provider (I.S.P.).
Let us understand why a lot of smart netizens today do not want their internet service providers (ISP) to maintain a log of their internet activities.

Let us say, for instance, you are a gaming fan. You play heavy online games on multiplayer mode. Now your internet service provider (ISP) keeps a log of all your internet activity. Here’s what they will do. They will reduce your internet speed (Bandwidth) when you log on to your game. The ISP normally does this to safeguard the interest of other users. Since your bandwidth might reduce the speed of other users.

Thus, a lot of smart netizens keep a VPN. Any VPN creates a virtual tunnel between your terminal and your destination. It becomes almost impossible for your ISP to look into your internet activity. This way your ISP cannot modulate your speed based on what kind of internet activity you are doing.

Further, a lot of governments have also allowed the ISP to sell your internet activity data to advertisers. This is the core reason why smart internet users always make use of a VPN.

However, what if your VPN keeps a record of your internet activity? In a summary, you should make use of a VPN to ensure your internet privacy. Further, you should also make sure your VPN provider does not keep a log of all your internet activities.

To conclude, looking at the spike in cybercrimes around the planet it is important to have a VPN installed on all our devices. Also, there are a number of free VPN service providers available. Further, there are paid plans too. However, if you are a beginner we recommend you to use a free VPN, to begin with.

The article talks about all things to keep in mind when you are deciding which VPN to go for. In a short summary, it is best to carefully review what your exact VPN requirements are. Check out the features that fit your needs. However, the 4 features mentioned above are a must-have.