4 Daily activities you shouldn’t be doing without a free VPN


This post talks about how to secure your day to day internet activities using a Free VPN. We will also discuss how a Fee VPN online can keep you secure while you are carrying out these internet activities daily.

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To begin with, let us first understand how secure our internet activities are. Your Internet service provider sees every single detail of your internet activity. They tap what websites you visit, what files you download, what content you consume etc. In fact, some countries allow ISPs to sell insights of your internet activity to advertisers. To add to this, ISPs also modulate your internet speed based on your usage. They do this so that other users aren’t affected when you download heavy files.

How does a free V.P.N. come to your rescue? A V.P.N. maintains your anonymity. It helps you mask your IP. The V.P.N. also keeps your location anonymous. To add to this, your VPN encrypts your data so that others cannot see what data you are transacting. Furthermore, a VPN also creates a virtual tunnel between your terminal and your destination so that no third party can peep into the data transactions you are making with your destination.

So then, the question arises. When should you use a VPN? To be honest, we strongly recommend the use of the best free VPN all the time. However, if that isn’t possible for some reason, at least use a free VPN server when you carry out the below-listed activities.

1. When you use a Public Wi-Fi

Does your work demand to travel? Obviously, you depend a lot on public Wi-Fi connections. In fact, 81% of people turn to public Wi-Fi connections. However, public Wi-Fi is like an intruder’s haven. Public Wi-Fi is the favourite target of any cyber-criminal. 74% of public Wi-Fi connections do not adhere to security parameters mandated by their governments. In conclusion, it is important to make use of a VPN while you latch on your device to public Wi-Fi.

Especially post Covid-19, work from home has become a new trend in almost all corporate houses. Hence making use of Public Wi-Fi on airports, railway stations, and cafes etc is really picking up.

Hence making use of a VPN is wise. It keeps you anonymous. You should also be aware that the post-covid-19 pandemic, the FBI has reported a whopping 300% hike in cybercrime cases reported in the USA alone.

In a summary, making use of a free VPN apk on your mobile devices has become a part of basic hygiene.

2. Confidential Data

Are you transacting confidential data for your company or clients? Hear this out. Today, data is money. No matter what your profession is. 24% of cyber attacks happen with the goal of funneling confidential data. Thus, a VPN is a must every time you transact confidential data.

A VPN encrypts your data. All the data that you send is encrypted. So your data remains unreadable throughout its journey. Once the data reaches the destination, the destination opens it using a de-encryption key. Hence, your confidential data is only readable by the intended user. Even if a cyber attack funnels out data it makes no sense as the intruder cannot see through the contents of the data.

3. Content Restrictions

In some cases, users want to access some content restricted in their location. For instance, some of the Netflix content available in the United Kingdom isn’t available in the USA. A VPN can help you access any content that is restricted by your government.

Here’s how it happens. When you latch on to a VPN server your location appears to be that of the VPN server. Hence, when you want to access content restricted in your country, latch on to a server from another country. It will appear as if you are in the country where the VPN server is located. Hence, the content restrictions applicable to you won’t come into force at all.

4. Online Banking

The world has become a unified digital economy. Online banking has become a basic need of every corporation and individual. 48% of cyber intrusions happen with the goal of the financial attack.

Today there are multiple e-wallets, bank accounts, cards integrated into your devices. It is best to have a VPN on when you make all your financial transactions. The VPN keeps your identity a secret. In fact, the encryption never lets intruders peep into the data transactions that you make with the server of your financial institution. To add to this, the virtual tunnel never lets out your internet activity. This way you come out of the radar of many financial hackers in the first place.

To conclude, the world is witnessing a surge in cybercrime cases around the planet. Internet privacy is becoming a concern around the globe.

On the other hand, a VPN does not need any setup. All that it requires is an installation. Besides, a VPN is an amazing tool that keeps you anonymous while you make use of the internet. It also keeps your internet activity private.

Therefore, in 2020 alone, 83% of internet users in America have made use of a VPN at least once. A VPN is available in various formats. You can enjoy free VPN services on your android/Mac devices using mobile app solutions. Alternatively, you can go for browser extensions on your laptops and computers. In a summary, we strongly recommend our users make use of VPN especially when you are using public Wi-Fi, making a banking transaction, sharing confidential content, or trying to access any content restricted in your location.